Occupational Therapy

xl_occupOur Occupational Therapists have the knowledge and skills to assist clients to progress in their ability to perform activities of daily living. They will establish a specific plan of care tailored to meet the clients’ goals for speedy recovery at their homes. Our therapists will help the clients’ loved ones understand and comprehend the necessary resources to ensure the clients’ achievement of personal and physical independence.

Patients who have had a stroke or cardiac episode, spinal cord injury, orthopedic surgery or arthritis can all benefit from occupational therapy services.

Our occupational therapy services include, but are not limited to :

  • Design and teach individual therapeutic exercises to restore patient’s function, lost due to disease or surgical intervention
  • OT Evaluation
  • Home Safety Evaluation
  • Independent Living / ADL Training
  • Muscle Re-Education
  • Perceptual Motor Training
  • Fine Motor Coordination
  • Patient / Caregiver / Family Education
  • Therapeutic Exercise for Upper Extremities
  • Establish / Upgrade HEP (Home Excercise Program)
  • Re-Training of Cognitive, Feeding and Perceptual Skills
  • Assist patientsin restoring functional independence, self care, and other activities of daily living, bathroom safety, energy conservation, teach special devices that increase independent functions
  • Teach Home Safety Precautions
  • Instruct Use of Adaptive Devices
  • Teach Alternative Bathing Skills
  • Neuro-Developmental Training
  • Sensory Treatment
  • Orthotics / Splinting
  • Adaptive Equipment (Fabrication & Training)
  • Provide Written Instructions